How to earn from YouTube

Earn money from YouTube

We’ve all heard less and more of the revenue from online. One of the main ways to earn online is to earn from YouTube.There is no end to the curiosity about how to earn from YouTube, especially with the impact of youth. The reason is that currently YouTube can earn money from the target.Many are doing it successfully and even now it is possible to earn target money from our country and now. Anyone can do it if they wish. Now you must be wondering how to make money from YouTube.

Income from YouTube can be your main source of income. Now, of course, these things are spinning around in your head

  • How to earn from YouTube
  • What is the easiest way to earn from YouTube?
  • How much you can earn from YouTube?
  • How YouTube pays ?

We know about these topics in today’s post, and I know how to be very successful on YouTube. So if you need a little attention and read the whole post with great care. I promise that if you read the entire post carefully and work hard to reach the goal, you and I will one day earn money from YouTube.

How to earn from YouTube

If you want to understand the income from YouTube, first of all you have to understand what is the YouTube thing?

What is YouTube?

  • YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website.
  • Where every day the new goal is to publish new videos.
  • And every day around 1 million people from around the world visit YouTube to watch these videos.
  • By now, YouTube has become a huge platform in the world.

Earnings from YouTube

You must have a YouTube channel to earn money from YouTube. Anyone can open it completely free of charge. So you can also open a free YouTube channel for that free.

How to open a channel on YouTube

You need a Gmail account to open a YouTube channel. Keep in mind that this is only possible with a Gmail account.Because YouTube is a Google service and Gmail and Google have a service, it will only happen with Gmail and no one will. So you must have a Gmail account.

Open a Gmail account

Then you need to sign in to YouTube. After you sign in to YouTube, you will see SIGN IN typed on the right side of your device’s skins.

You have to click there and then enter your Gmail account and password then your channel is opened.

Now your YouTube channel is open.

Why YouTube pays and where

As I said earlier, YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website. There are almost every day targeted video publications from different parts of the world. And billions of people enter every day to watch these videos.After watching so large a crowd of people on YouTube, countless popular brands around the world advertise for their brands. And they advertise their products on YouTube, and YouTube pays some money from that dividend to YouTube’s video makers.That way YouTube earns billions of dollars every day from advertising and pays a portion of its dividends to those who regularly upload quality video to YouTube.

So now you must understand why YouTube gives money and where YouTube gets money .

YouTube offers all these benefits to all people of the world for free and you can earn a ton of money with these benefits.

What is the easiest way to earn from YouTube?

There is no easy way to earn online, but yes if you know the right way and act accordingly, then it will be easier for you to be relatively successful and will take a lot less time.But you have to suffer. There was no size on that side. The easier you find, the more you have to work hard so that you can succeed most easily.Yes, if you use a little intelligence to think a little, then it will certainly be easier for you to go the rest of the way.

How to be successful

Many people have been watching YouTube for a long time even uploading many videos from the leg. There are so many times on YouTube that you have been working on YouTube for a long time, uploading good videos, but still not getting the best results. To understand this, you need to follow some rules.

So how do you succeed?

1. Pick the right topic:

To succeed on YouTube, you first need to make a video on a topic. This is very important because when you are doing video on a particular topic. Then your channel will be of great importance to the viewers, because when a viewer enters your channel once they see that your channel has all the good information on this topic then they must give your channel the most prominence to know it. Creating a video on the topic is best.

You must pick a topic that is in good demand. everyone wants to see the matter or wants to know. If you choose a topic that people do not feel the need to see or know, then you will not be able to get the desired results.One more thing to keep in mind when choosing a topic is on your knowledge, because suppose you choose a technology topic, you will make a video because the technology is very good and its needs and many good people want to know and understand the issues. Chose this topic. After all you have seen that you do not know yourself, how can you inform others?So, of course, in choosing the topic, pick what you know best and which ones have enough knowledge to make your video.Therefore, in the case of the topic of the topic of the topic, all these poisons take into account the topic.

The 8 Best Ideas for Creating YouTube Videos

  • Funny Video: You can create different funny videos. Which is a very popular topic.
  • Review Video: You can give reviews of various electrical appliances. Which will be like what is good and what is good. This topic is also very popular.
  • Food Recipes: You can make different food recipes and upload it to YouTube by watching it so that many will learn how to cook. It is also a popular topic. This is a good topic for women, especially for women.
  • Technology: You can create videos with many new technology updates.
  • Tutorial: You can create video with tutorials of different software. With this you can learn as well as many people will be benefited by watching your video.
  • Motivation: You can create various motivational videos.
  • Life Stories: You can make videos about life stories of different people, especially in the case of successful people’s life stories.
  • Blog: You can create a blog with your daily life and upload it to YouTube.
  • Human experience: You can upload different experimental videos to people. You can create videos with different experiences of different people.
  • Travel: You can travel to different places and if you are traveling and upload video to YouTube then there is a possibility of getting a good view .

2. Maintain Quality on Video:

Maintaining video quality is an important task for YouTube. You pick a very good topic, you gain a lot of knowledge and knowledge about it, you give a lot of good information and information in the video, but if your video is not of quality, then your video will not be as prominent as the viewer because if the video outlook is not good then who is your Don’t want to see the video.You may not want to do the quality of your video in the beginning because you want to know the level of video quality that you cannot achieve in two days. But yes, if you regularly monitor your video quality by adding a little new science, then the quality of your video will continue to increase.

So what to do in the first place Try to make the highest quality video as high as possible with your highest quality. Especially note that the audio quality of your video is better than the quality of your video.

Here are some tips on how to make audio quality better.

Use a good microphone: Because about 3-5 percent of the audio quality of your video depends on your microphone. So why not compare good quality microphone to get positive audio?Edit with good software: If you want to get the highest quality audio of your video, then there is no comparison to your audio editing. Positive audio can also be found on many bad microphone audio if you can edit it often. (Ex: Audacity, FLStudio)

Delete Noise: Of course delete the extra Noise from your audio. No audience will want it if your audio contains noises. One of the major reasons why video is not view able.

Noise deletion of audio

Provide background music: Provide a standard background music to your video. This will greatly enhance the quality of your video. There are many channels on YouTube where you can download background music as you need it.By following all the rules, the quality of the audio used in your video will be greatly enhanced. And your video will get a lot of acceptance from the audience.

Then you need to focus on the video graphics of your video over your video.

How to increase the quality of your video’s Outlook graphics

Use a good camera: There is no substitute for a good camera for your video’s Outlook look. DSLR may be the right solution in this case but it is cost-effective which is not possible for everyone to buy. But now you can start with the fact that mobile phones are offering a lot of good cameras on mobile phones.

Use the lights in the video: If you do video outside, you will not know this anymore because it is for those who make video at home or in enclosed spaces. People who make video at home or in enclosed spaces must use lights when doing videos. This will increase the quality of your video.

Edit with good software: Higher quality results are not possible with video cameras only. This requires editing with very good software. In this case (adobe premiere pro, camtasia studio) may be the right solution.

Learn how to play a camera: Playing a camera is one of the most important things to enhance the quality of the video. The angles of the action camera are very important.

3. How to bring a view to the video

You made the video up to now with all the above mentioned. And the content and good video quality in the video and maintain the topic and still not get the desired view in your video.

What to do?

You need to understand how YouTube works and how YouTube’s algorithms work. It takes 3-5 months for a channel to rank from YouTube as per the rules of YouTube, but most channels do not get the desired rank within this period. According to YouTube rules, the number of things you watch for a channel’s video ranking depends on how the video’s watch time is, like Like, Comment, Share.

The amount of time a viewer views your video depends greatly. If all viewers watch your video full-time, then your video is more likely to go viral, as YouTube thinks that the video is good for everyone, so everyone is watching it full-time.

Then Like Dislike also depends on it. YouTube views how many likes and dislikes came up in your video. If your video is more like you watch on YouTube then it will rank the video and if Dislike will let you down the video.

Here are some important tips for getting an early view

In the first place you must make the fat a little harder to get a video view and get a good watch time because your channel is not that familiar at first.No one knows your channel name Your channel subscribers are not. So you have to work hard. So you need to make your channel known first. So you can take advantage of the friends you know.

You can tell all your friends to share videos with everyone’s friends then you will get some views on your channel.

There are various social media. There you can share more. You can share in various popular groups and pages. Then you will see the view will continue to increase. And watchtime as well. And this will rank your channel on YouTube as well. However, yes you must be patient and keep in mind that your channel will one day rank and grow.

How much you can earn from YouTube?

Most people start thinking about how much money you can earn from youtube.

Most of the question is how much money does YouTube pay per view?

As I said earlier in this post, YouTube does not pay any money. They give you an amount from their dividend. So it is not certain how much profit per 1,000 views a video will have and how much money or youtube will give you.

But yes the more you can profit from a video, the more you can pay YouTube.

However, experienced people can tell from their statistics that on average 1 to $ 1 per 1000 view from our country.

YouTube earns a lot less money from our country because the advertising value of our country’s advertisers is much lower than in other countries of the world.

But then and at the end of the month, if you can bring more than 3 million views to your channel, you can expect $ 1000 or even an amount of revenue on your channel.

When you own a very popular channel, you no longer have to rely on YouTube revenue alone. Because then you will get ads for different products directly from yourself.

Below I mentioned some popular YouTube names and the amount of their income from which you hope to get some idea.

1. PewDiePie (23,510,531,054 views and earn $115.5K – $1.8M)

2. T-Series (83,709,119,832 views and earn $733.6K – $11.7M)

How YouTube pays

YouTube pays mainly in the form of dollars that you can convert into a bank of our country by converting to a different bank.

YouTube Adsense usually gives their money in two ways – one is through bank and the other through check.

If you are a bank, you can transfer money to your account through any bank.

And if the check goes through, they will send you the check in postal contact. Which you can withdraw money from the bank.

You can also make money through any MasterCard.

Many thanks to everyone for taking care of the whole post. If you know anything, you can comment Here

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